NEATER PET BRANDS Scooper Cat Litter Scoop

NEATER PET BRANDS Scooper Cat Litter Scoop Description

Color:Tan Litter scoop & waste bag system combined into one. Designed for quick sifting with less dust. Just squeeze bin to detach scoop. Scoop can be placed upside down in bin for storage. Made in the USA.Neater Scooper TipsThe Neater Scooper makes it fast and easy to clean your litter box by putting waste in the bag with just a tilt of the wrist.Neater Scooper bags and bin should accommodate the daily waste from 1 to 2 cats. If you do not clean the litter box every day, or if you have two or more cats, you may need to use more than one bag per cleaning.To get the maximum amount of waste in the Neater Scooper bin follow these easy steps:1. When lining the bin with a bag make sure to push the bag all the way to the bottom of the bin and into all four corners.2. Be sure to sift out clean litter by shaking the scoop back and forth before dumping the waste into the bin to avoid filling the bin with clean litter.3. After every 2-3 scoops shake the bin or tap the bin on the floor to eliminate air pockets and to get the waste to settle to the bottom of the bin which will create more room to continue scooping.4. If a large clump gets caught between the scoop and the bin simply shake the scoop a bit in the upright position to get the clump to fall into the bin.,5. For extremely large clumps you can use the edge of the scoop to cut the clump in half before scooping.Note: The Neater Scooper is not designed to work with pellet style litter.Litter Box Maintenance:Maintaining a clean litter box is important for the health of your cat and your family.Cats are clean animals and will avoid a dirty litter box (and go elsewhere).Experts recommend keeping one more litter box than the number of cats in your home and cleaning each box at least once per day.

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